In 1947 Lorenzo Di Pierro, an expert of fabrics, opened his business in the old town of Taranto. The store immediately became synonymous of elegance and style for men's fashion, a reference in the city where you could find a range of products of the highest quality tailoring. Lorenzo conveys the passion for fashion to his son Giovanni, he begins to understand how the market is changing fast and how more and more segmented and demanding. The most famous fashion brands of the 1980s were part of the store.

In 1990, Lorenzo and Stefania , having gained experience from his father and sensitivity in the industry, are moving to expand their range of style to a more youthful flavor. Fashion becomes lifestyle , a mood , an expression of self, attitude ; Lorenzo and his wife Paola capture these requirements in a full range of its customers and the choice of the collection focuses on designer labels that represent the research, the contemporary stylistic character well defined.

The store has been extended and developed the new and prestigious women's department. 450 square meters of proposals between fashion mix-style haute-cuture and easy to wear, developed on two levels and nine shop windows. Di Pierro Brand Store is now one of the most successful store in Italy in terms of cutting-edge research, recognized as such by fashion -editors from around the world.

Di Pierro began his collaboration with the e-commerce website and opens its doors to a wider audience with the birth of his personal e-store, through a site that reflects the essence of the store. Style, elegance, and research are now just a click on

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